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My name is Garth Baker, owner and operater of Short Final Aviation, LLC. I am a former Mission Pilot for the Air Force Auxiliary (Civil Air Patrol). I hold a Commercial Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Certified Flight Instructor Rating as well as a Certified Advanced Ground Instructor Rating. I have over 3000 hours total time and over 1500 hours of dual instruction given.

I am also a retired Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Detective. 

As a young man I set out to accomplish two things in life professionally, be a police officer and a pilot.

While working for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, I taught newly hired police officers in the field as a Field Training Officer and later as an EVOC instructor where I taught the operations of emergency vehicles in extreme conditions.

I have over 20 years of experience at being an instructor. 

In retirement from law enforcement I have been fortunate enough to postion myself in aviation where I can share my passion for aviation through teaching.

One thing I have found through years of experience, is that the art of mastering your craft is completed not only through doing, but also through teaching others to do.

Ashley Bartholf

Ashley holds a commercial rating for both single engine and multiengine airplanes, as well as a Certfied Flight Instructor-Instrument. She comes from a long line of aviators on both sides of her family. Her grandfater started out flying hunters in Alaska and ended his career flying the Gulfstream G2 in Saudi Arabia. Her father is currently a captain on the Airbus 320 with Delta Airlines. Her uncle just retired as a captain for American Airlines.

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